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High Energy Efficiency! Low workforce productivity?
Moderator: Hank Seader, Managing Principal of Research and Education, Uptime Institute
Panelists: Don Beaty, Founder, Owner, Director, DLB Associates
Brian George, Principal, Corgan Associates Inc.
Gary Orazio, PE, President, Swanson Rink

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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Increasing inlet temperatures to match upper bounds of the ASHRAE Allowable Environmental Specifications not only increases opportunities for free cooling, but also raises outlet temperatures to uncomfortable conditions. With typically specified temperature increases through the rack of 20°F, hot-aisle temperatures of 110°F or more must be anticipated. Is this working environment merely uncomfortable, or does it have impact on technician's effectiveness? Just as importantly, are there regulatory issues that limit exposure, or increase owner compliance risks? Institute operations experts are joined by a panel of recognized industry leaders to address the issues.

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