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Superstorm Sandy Lessons Learned
Presenter: Vince Renaud, Vice President, Uptime Institute Professional Services

Thursday, May 16, 2013

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Superstorm Sandy recently stressed, if not compromised, a number of data centers located in the Northeast U.S. A few of the heroic efforts needed to keep some data centers operational, such as carrying buckets of fuel to the roof, have been characterized in the industry press. However, the size of this weather event and the number of data centers in the region warrant a more holistic and comprehensive review of the actual consequences. Uptime Institute has collaborated with data center owners and operators to collect and analyze actual impacts and publish lessons learned.

Events like this challenge some of the data center industry's long-standing assumptions on data center operations and design. Company names and sensitive site details will not be revealed, but Uptime Institute Professional Services Vice President Vince Renaud will analyze the responses to Sandy, and provide insightful lessons learned from the event.
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